First year music teacher and NYS transplant in northern VA. 4th and 5th grade strings and band. Perpetually learning, training and growing.


Let’s talk about bullying

I had a parent call me to discuss concern that a child is being bullied in my classroom.

I feel terrible, because I 100% believe it to be true since this student is really sweet and not one to lie and exaggerate- and most of the time my classes are small, so things should be hard to miss.

Unfortunately, this particular student is a people-pleaser, and one who is always smiling and exuding happiness. Guess who was laughing along with everyone else but secretly feeling like the butt of the jokes? I pulled the student aside after class today and asked how I should proceed, and fortunately the student was full of specifics and very grateful that I was asking for input. (Naturally, nothing happened today- I watched like a hawk- so I wasn’t able to leap to action just yet). 

The good news is I have specific students to watch out for now, I am aware of the situation, I think the parent is satisfied with how I’m going to deal with this, and the child in question told me I am approachable in the future should any problems persist. 

But I feel absolutely terrible that it was going on and I had no clue. Gah. 5th graders… terrible, mean, horrible creatures.